Legal Technicians are highly trained, well educated, and regulated legal professionals designed to increase the access to justice -

and we just can't stop talking about it!


We want everyone to know...

  • quality and affordable legal help is here!

  • legal techs are ethical, compassionate, and dedicated legal advocates.

  •  legal technicians and attorneys can work together when a client's needs are beyond the practice area scope of the legal technician.





Let us come to your organization and explain to you what legal technicians are all about. 

We want to give presentations to:

  • schools, colleges and universities

  • paralegal organizations

  • attorney organizations and/or sections

  • bar associations

  • court facilitators

  • law librarians

  • legal clinics

  • governing bodies of other states or countries

  • judicial organizations

  • guardian ad litems and CASAs

  • alternative dispute resolution service providers

  • mediators

  • chambers of commerce

  • service clubs, such as Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, etc.

Whether your organization is interested in supporting students in their quest to join the legal profession as LLLTs, assisting clients with legal issues that may be resolved with the help of an LLLT, wish to educate your members about LLLTs, or are considering creating a similar program outside of Washington State, we would like to talk to you.     Main: 425.202.5609  

Do you want to give presentations about LLLTs as a licensed, active LLLT?

Whether you have your own presentation developed, or would like to give one of ours, let us know. We hope to need many presenters.