The Big Idea

The Washington State Supreme Court became concerned about the rising costs of legal help. Their answer?

Limited Licensed Legal Technicians - highly trained, well educated and regulated legal professionals who can offer legal services in specific areas of practice - like Family Law. 

What Exactly is a Legal Tech?

Legal Technicians are licensed to practice law within a limited scope. Legal Techs are the only non-attorney licensed legal practitioner and are currently only available in Washington State.


Legal Techs are highly skilled and trained. They must complete 3,000 hours of legal work, pass a licensing exam and complete robust and challenging educational requirements before becoming licensed.


Legal Techs can help with:

  • Divorce

  • Legal Separation

  • Child Support

  • Spousal Maintenance

  • Parenting Plans/Residential Schedule (called "Custody" in other states)

  • Ending a Committed Intimate Relationship (CIR) with Children

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Other practice areas, outside family-law matters like these, are currently being considered.